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Morbus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian IT Service, consulting company acknowledge as technology experts with head office in Noida, India. Morbus Technologies combines tech expertise and business intelligence to catalyze change and deliver results. We are offering services like Software development, Android Development, Web development, Digital Marketing Testing, Graphic Design, Domain Purchasing, Hosting, Cloud purchasing, SSL Certificates etc.
SHIKSHA CARE SYSTEM is our one of the best products. It's a comprehensive complete Solution for all kinds of educational institutions. It is providing best management service to all institutes and it is also great for teachers, students and parents.
Our SHIKSHA CARE SYSTEM creates 100% affordable and usable cloud System to automate the management processes. This software makes your life easier and leverages day to day progress and performance of any individual with ease. SCS can be controlled from anywhere and anytime. It works as a one-stop solution to provide an integrated website with highest security standard.

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We offer the lowest price on the market without compromising on quality and even you can start with zero rupees. If your budget doesn’t match our prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll discuss it.
Please just take a trial then you will understand yourself why to choose us.


You just need simple basic computer knowledge and you can operate this very easily.
Morbus Technologies provides SCS in multiple languages so that users can simply access management software anytime and anywhere in their language


We present an easily approachable, user-friendly and dynamic education management system that benefits for academic excellence. Whole administrative needs of educational institutions can be served with SCS, featured with multi-user interface. Shiksha Care System lets the academic institute administration get organized by involving parents, teachers, and employees.

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We have 10+ year experience team